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10 Thoughts on Diversity

I took a Diversity Training course this week at work.  Here are some thoughts that have been banging around in my head that the course stirred up.  None are really anything new to me (or probably you), but I thought it might stimulate some other thoughts or discussions.

  1. It really bugs me that we have to have diversity training.  Not because it is a “requirement” for the job, but because the issues really do exist that warrants the need for this type of training.  That makes me angry.
  2. I think that if everyone was the same race, we would still find something to separate and fight about (see Ireland).  That makes me perplexed.
  3. I find it offensive that friends with brown faces have to wonder if they are being judged more because of their brown face than anything else.  This almost makes me violent.
  4. I am tired of situations where people use the “race card” when they don’t need to and even more tired of the situations where people need to use the “race card” and can’t/don’t.  This makes me weary.
  5. A blued eyed brother of the lighter hue gets a bum rap.  Modern Eastern European and American history makes that understandable, but personally speaking…  This makes me guilty by association.
  6. I think Sesame Street opened a lot of minds about racism over the years.  This makes me hopeful.
  7. I think that we fear what we don’t understand.  And we hate what we fear.  Then we dehumanize what we hate.  And then it’s “okay” to get rid of what’s not human.  And, I think that is the bigger problem.  This makes me want to preach.
  8. I wonder how many “advantages” I get for being an educated, white, middle class, straight, man that I don’t even know about.  That makes me sick.
  9. For the record, I never liked being called Larry Bird, Kurt Rambis, Bill Lambier, or Steve Nash when on the court.  This makes me want to dunk on someone with my tongue hangin’ out.
  10. I think this video is one of the most insightful and powerful stories I have heard on the topic.  This gets me excited.
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