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Articles on Martin-Zimmerman tragedy

make_trayvon_martin_heard_by_skullthefox25554-d4ufft6Previously, I attempted to link some articles in a post called Trayvon Martin and Compound Grief.

Somehow, I messed the linking up and a friend asked if I could fix it.

Here’s the fix.

Edited articles

  1. The Verdict Is In… and We All Lost
  2. The Issue is Justice, Not Race
  3. 3 Things Privileged Christians Can Learn from the Trayvon Martin Case
  4. Black Racism Killed Trayvon …
  5. We Should All Be Terrified
  6. What Does A Black Parent Say To Their Child After the Zimmerman Verdict
  7. Dear White Folks
  8. Open Letter to George Zimmerman
  9. Why This Verdict
  10. Obama Issues Statement
  11. If Our Black Brothers and Sister are Hurting, Why Can’t We Just Shut Up, Listen, and Mourn With Them
  12. That Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Sting Any Less
  13. You Are Not Trayvon Martin
  14. Is There Racial Bias In  ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws?
  15. Charles Barkley said he ‘agrees’ with George Zimmerman verdict 
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